About Me

I attended counselling myself which feels very differently to talking to friends and family. Having a safe environment enabled me to be open with my counsellor and with myself and work through my problems which led to shifts in the way I felt and thought. Having a natural desire to want to help people and for them to feel heard the way I felt heard with my counsellor encouraged me to want to train as a counsellor and work with others to support them on their journey. I believe if given the right conditions, environment and therapeutic support anyone can overcome and survive their personal difficulties to enable them to cultivate a strong and resilient sense of self and personal wellbeing. I am passionate about the approach I use and the challenge of my work with clients. My compassion, warmth, energy and respect are essential strengths that help my clients benefit from their counselling. Choosing to work primarily in a Person-Centred way offers a gentle and holistic way of working (and being) that can offer great strength, independence and understanding to both counsellor and client. I understand that to make that first call or email for counselling can be extremely difficult, but I am sure that if you make that step it could potentially be the first step towards making positive changes in your life. Our initial meet will be for you to decide if you feel comfortable working with me and for you to discuss your issues and what you would like to gain from counselling. I am happy to have an informal chat over the phone with you if you're feeling unsure. Higher Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling (Colchester Institute) Colchester Institute Counselling Service, working with a range of issues and clients from all walks of life Working with

survivors of childhood sexual abuse BACP Workshop Clarinda Cuppage